Our DJs

  • Ray McDonnell
    Ray McDonnell KKDC Station Manager
  • Jake Jones
    Jake Jones KIQX Afternoons
  • Chad Peyer
    Chad Peyer Program Director & KIQX Mornings
  • Terry Verdahl
    Terry Verdahl Announcer
  • Bill “Captain” Snively
    Bill “Captain” Snively KRSJ Mornings
  • Van McDonnell
    Van McDonnell Announcer
  • David “Cactus Jack” Mills
    David “Cactus Jack” Mills KRSJ Afternoons

FCB Management

  • Ward Holmes
    Ward Holmes Regional Manager
  • Kristin Dills
    Kristin Dills Operations Manager
  • Kim Emmanuel
    Kim Emmanuel General Sales Manager
  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker Engineer


  • Julie Harrington
    Julie Harrington Office Manager
  • Lainey Severson
    Lainey Severson PSA, Web and Social Media Director
  • Chad “Rabbit” Hare
    Chad “Rabbit” Hare Production
  • D’Aun Nolen
    D’Aun Nolen Production
  • Ed Lacy
    Ed Lacy Production
  • Catherine Berra
    Catherine Berra Operations Manager
  • Beth Porter
    Beth Porter Senior Marketing Consultant

Contact Us

Have a question? Email us here, or check our staff directory page to send your inquiry to a specific staff member.

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