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Somewhere, out there in La Plata County, the Silver Bullet is hidden!  Find the Silver Bullet before anyone else and win cash, glory, and other fun and wonderful prizes.  Registration is not required.  Participants must be 21+.

-The bullet is hidden.  You need to find it

-You will need help from Radio101 and KRSJ.  This help can only obtainable by listening.  This is the ONLY place to get clues.  Don’t call, don’t fax, don’t ask.

-This is intended to be a fun event.

-No tools are needed.  Don’t dig, don’t destroy property, be safe.

-The contest is not over until the Bullet is returned to Four Corners Broadcasting (190 Turner Dr. Suite G).

-If you find the Bullet, call 970-259-4444.

-This prize is for a winner.  Teams need to select one team representative to claim the prize package.

-These are the rules

-FCB has the final decision

-Clues will be posted on the website… when we get around to it.  They can be found below the “sponsors” section of this page.


How To Enter

Listen to RADIO101 and 100.5fm KRSJ starting Monday, January 30, 2023 for clues.  At 6:45am, 9:45am, 12:45pm, 3:45pm, and 6:45pm, a new clue will be revealed.  Everyday, at 6:45pm we will repeat every clue that has been read up to that point.  Figure out where the clues lead and find the Silver Bullet first to win.


– $250 cash

– $75 gift cards from our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors:


Daily Clues:

Monday, January 30

6:45am – Welcome and good luck, please be respectful. No climbing, no digging, no overacting. The bullet is outside.

9:45am – The setting: Shakespeare spinning fishing reel, Colorado, on a cold winter week.

12:45pm – The plot: A bullet in a pouncet will grant thee riches and glory, but only one will follow the signs.

3:45pm – The prophecy: three hidden clues reveal the way, find the hidden clue each day.

6:45pm – Foreshadowing: Each place has a seat and the man behind it.


Tuesday, January 31

6:45am – Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

9:45am – Seek the place where the literature lives, look between the ponderosa pine and the buck brush, the color counts too.

12:45pm – Grapefruit lager, no need to go to Soho.

3:45pm – Pray you, love, remember; travel the way west and find the small lane like the others.

6:45pm – You have always had innocence and thoughts. The one left is the first one.


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