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2024 Snowdown Search for the Silver Bullet

Wrap upbullet-wrap-up


The Bullet has been found, congratulations to Matt Steffens and the 81301 Coffee Crew!  The bullet was hidden in Oxbow Park.



Somewhere, out there in La Plata County, the Silver Bullet is hidden!  Find the Silver Bullet before anyone else and win cash, glory, and other fun and wonderful prizes.  Registration is not required.  Participants must be 21+.

-The bullet is hidden.  You need to find it

-You will need help from Radio101 and KRSJ.  This help can only obtainable by listening.  This is the ONLY place to get clues.  Don’t call, don’t fax, don’t ask.

-This is intended to be a fun event.

-No tools are needed.  Don’t dig, don’t destroy property, be safe.

-The contest is not over until the Bullet is returned to Four Corners Broadcasting (190 Turner Dr. Suite G).

-If you find the Bullet, call 970-259-4444.

-This prize is for a winner.  Teams need to select one team representative to claim the prize package.

-These are the rules

-FCB has the final decision

-Clues will be posted on the website… when we get around to it.  They can be found below the “sponsors” section of this page.

How To Enter

Listen to RADIO101 and 100.5fm KRSJ starting Monday, January 29th, 2024 for clues.  At 6:45am, 9:45am, 12:45pm, 3:45pm, and 6:45pm, a new clue will be revealed.  Everyday, at 6:45pm we will repeat every clue that has been read up to that point.  Figure out where the clues lead and find the Silver Bullet first to win.


– $250 cash

– $75 gift cards from our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors:


Gazpacho New Mexican Restaurant


Official Wrap-Up:

The official Search for the Silver Bullet Wrap-Up Party will occur on Saturday, February, 3rd at The Oxford, 119 W. 8th St. Durango, CO 81301.


6:45am – Bursting through a closed door:

“Detective, dang hippies have stolen the Coors Light Silver Bullet, it’s up to you solve the case. We only know two things. The hippie hide out, where they have taken the bullet, is in Durango. I mean where else, hippies. And the bullet is hidden outside. No climbing and no digging or I’ll have your badge. Detective, bring back that bullet!” “Time to get to work!”

9:45am – “Got to start where I know hippies will be, saw them buy their tickets for Steely Dead. They were concerned with how many gas cats were on the side of the building.”

12:45pm – “As I bought a beta fish I spotted hippies walking with organic groceries and taking note of the number of large bees on the back of the fence.”

3:45pm -“While drinking a cold PBR in my favorite circular booth I saw hippies leaving the Buddhists store. They counted the little flags on the logo.”

6:45pm – “I followed some hippies whom bought a pipe from a wizard. Looking at the business across the street, they took time to write down the sum.”



6:45 am – “I solved the hippies number puzzle and after looking up a list of them I now know the Coors Light Silver Bullet is hidden in one of the cities 38 official ones…but which one?”

9:45 am – “There is no way the hippies would hide out at school, that eliminates five of the places”

12:45 pm – “Yuppies in argyle and hippies in tiedye don’t mix. That removes the two closest to holes 6 and 15. And it wouldn’t be wet in class threes so that eliminates another.”

3:45 pm – “They wouldn’t hide it with “the man”, so it’s not the one with ties to the Vanadium Corporation. And the hippies are spaced out enough, so not the one with a space man.”

6:45 pm – “The hippies like their hair long and weird, I can eliminate the one closest in walking distance to High Desert Studio, the one closest to Durango Barber and the one closest to Hello Gorgeous.”



6:45 am – Got to find that hippie hide out! I spent all night a top calico hill and never saw the hippies, its not there. Going to get coffee but they wouldn’t accept my Giant card, said I needed speedy rewards, ug, no hippies in the shared parking lot though, not this one either.

9:45 am – Although I remember this bridge being more wiggly, from my vantage I saw hippies pass right through one and then through another down stream although they paid their respects at the monument. The hideout is not in these two…

12:45 pm – I thoroughly checked this one, the hideout can’t be here. Hoping to change my luck I tossed a coin in the well to make a wish, but even that failed.

3:45 pm – I overheard hippies saying the hideout is not where you sit with Tyler C. Valencia or between Ruby and Doyle S. or with Jobi, Remi and Ziggy! There go three more.

6:45 pm – Everyone knows hippies like to go both ways so its not the one in which the rules state you can only go one way. And its not the one across from the old cotton wood that is gone, one thing the hippies and I agree on, it was a nice tree. Just 15 left to check.



6:45 am – I finally got in contact with my hippie informant. Good morning police man guy, hippies are staying clear of tools, especially in a green tube and they don’t hang at the one with a fire truck that only goes 50…and I’ll come to your place. All of that is weird, but it eliminates two more.

9:45 am – The informant arrived and went on…Whoa Duuude, you’re harshing my vibe, its not the one closest to the Bear and Falcon vs Mountain Lion and Eagle fight card mural and not the one with the kinda hidden metal table missing a seat. He seems high but I guess that eliminates two more.

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