$250.00 Cash From A & L Coors!

And prizes from:

Northpoint Home Furnishing
1315 Main Ave. Durango

Dietz Market
26345 Hwy 160  Durango

Durango Small Car
138 Bodo Dr., Durango

Conundrum Escape Rooms
Durango Motor Company
Durango Motor Company
736 Main Ave, Ste 100, Durango


Smart Enterprise
1400 N Main Ave, Durango

Old Tymers Cafe
1000 Main Ave. Durango

Mountain Auto Care
349 E. 8th Ave. Durango

Native Roots
26266 Highway 160, Durango


Woodhouse Day Spa
1521 Main, Durango

J/P Tire and Battery
1776 Main, Durango


Rivergate Pharmacy & Compounding
575 Rivergate, Durango

And now...the clues.

Pay no attention to capitalization nor punctuation.
Just the words....it's radio!

Monday January 29,2018

6:45am No climbing, no digging, its outside not inside, stay out of private business, they don't have a clue. 

9:45am A thesaurus may help if you are so inclined. 

12:45pm There is no app for it. But, they might be persuaded

3:45pm A few centuries back in a land so far so far away. Sad. 

6:45pm A thoroughly modern conundrum.


Tuesday January 30, 2018

6:45am - Nobody knows exactly how, when or where.

9:45am - You will have to reach for it.ll have to reach for it.

12:45pm - How many dispensaries are there in Durango?

3:45pm - Multiple levels of inspiration.

6:45pm - Tools of the trade.

Wednesday January 31, 2018

6:45am Some things might smell fishy, but, it is part of my heritage.

9:45am The Red Man Guild is a part of it's history in Durango. Find the photo. 

12:45pm Bow ties among other articles of clothing.

3:45pm That's a massive construction project with tons of cement. 

6:45pm Architect, builders, and a compass

Thursday February 1, 2018

#16---6:25am Follow the trail East to the doors in the West and South. But, not necessarily the North.

#17---9:45am Answer this: Where was the original KIUP building located? 

#18---12:45pm Wasting a clue because you have to stay out of private businesses. It's outside not inside. Stay out of private businesses. We told you this in clue #1

#19---3:45pm Jerusalem is in this story too. 

#20---6:45pm Durango Industrial Development Foundation. 

Friday February 2, 2018