$250.00 Cash From A & L Coors!

And prizes from:
Dietz Market
26345 Hwy 160  Durango

1200 Carbon Jct, Durango

Conundrum Escape Rooms
Durango Motor Company
Durango Motor Company
736 Main Ave, Ste 100, Durango

Smart Enterprise
1400 N Main Ave, Durango

Old Tymers Cafe
1000 Main Ave. Durango

Mountain Auto Care
349 E. 8th Ave. Durango

The Mac Ranch
1480 E. 2nd Ave, Durango

Express Employment
321 South Camino Del Rio, Durango

Wallace Sleep & Comfort
305 South Camino Del Rio, Suite V, Durango

Native Roots
26266 Highway 160, Durango

1301 C Florida Road, Durango

Firestone of Durango
2515 Main Ave, Durnago

Atmos Energy


And now...the clues.

Pay no attention to capitalization nor punctuation.
Just the words....it's radio!

Monday January 30,2017

6:45 am-And Here we go....As Always no digging, no jumping no climbing. Respect private property and don't fall down.


9:45 am-Brown bagging it again this year.

12:45 pm-Try very hard to stay with the theme this year.

3:45 pm-The bridge to no where goes somewhere else.

6:45 pm- It's been an active offseason.

Tuesday January 31, 2017

6:45AM – Condominiums and Cars.

9:45AM – Occupation Limeted to 300.

12:45PM – Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Saturn, North American, And Boeing And IBM Too.

3:45pm – 31 OF 33 AND 33 HOURS.

6:45pm – A River Does Not Run Through it. Neither Does The Trail..

Wednesday February 1, 2017

6:45am Larger wheels make them roll faster, but donâ't fall down.

9:45am Acute Angles and horizontals, maybe a perpendicular .

12:45pm Starship Trooper (Because Ed has to have a song reference.)

3:45pm There were three of us but I was the only one.

6:45pm The Arc of history, Celebration, Iris and a walking score.

.Thursday February 2, 2017

6:45am Experiments with trees, some photography and a guy playing golf.

9:45am To the moon and back.

12:45pm He was was born here.

3:45pm Gulf Coast Distributing got nothing on our sponsor.

6:45pm Sorry, we waste a clue. We told you to stay off private property. Rules state It has to be accessible 24/7.